In this workshop, students will be exposed to various styles of physical arts from around the world, each of which is a result of unique history. By learning introductory techniques of these arts, students will not only gain flexibility, strength, and physical dexterity, but also be able to expand their mental horizon. They will also learn about East Asian cultures through interactive classes.


Taekwondo, or the Way of Foot and Hand, is a Korean form of martial arts characterized by punching and kicking techniques. It was developed during 1940s-50s based on karate, kung fu, and indigenous Korean martial arts traditions. 

Annie Schwartz

Annie Schwarz has nearly 40 years exprience in the martial arts. After training in Korea, where she earned her 2nd Degree Black Belt, she continued her training with  Grand Master Young Jan Chang and earned 4th Degree Black Belt.  Master Schwarz is the main instructor at Amherst Martial Arts and has taught extensively in the school system, including Amherst Montessori, Shutesbury Elementary, Amherst Regional Middle School, and Holyoke Community College.


Capoeira is a movement art form that combines martial arts, music, and dance. Started in Brazil by enslaved Africans in the 16th century, it was on the one hand a tool of resistance and rebellion and on the other, a way to maintain ties to their homeland and to each other. Today, it is practiced in countries all over the world. While embracing and transcending its roots, it has evolved into a holistic art form open to those from all walks of life.

Bruno Trindade

Bruno Trindade discovered Capoeira as a child when he would visit family in Brazil. He developed his expertise with Mestre Calango of Capoeira Rosa Rubra in Boston. Trindade is the main instructor at Capoeira Gunga do Vale in Northampton.

Qigong Infused Yoga

Qigong Infused Yoga™ is a fusion of Gentle Yoga and Qigong combined to offer the benefits of both ancient healing arts practices. Qigong Infused Yoga is a tranquil, beneficial and powerful mind-body practice that relieves physical, mental and emotional tension effectively.

Lynne Nicole Smith

Lynne Nicole Smith has over 20 years of experience instructing Yoga and Qigong and created Qigong Infused Yoga™ to multiply the healing power of the two practices. She is a Senior Trainer with the Institute of Integral Qigong and T’ai Chi and the founding instructor of Qigong Infused Yoga Teacher Trainer Program. 


As an important part of rituals and celebrations, dance has been integral to  human culture since ancient times. Today, people dance to express themselves, create art, and have fun. Dancing is also an enjoyable way to be physically active and mentally fit. In this workshop, students will learn beginning ballet movements and explore interpretive dance.

Madeleine Bonn

Madeleine Bonn was a principal dancer with with José Mateo Ballet Theatre in Cambridge, MA, for 14 years and has also performed abroad in Romania and Mongolia. She holds a teaching certification from American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum.

Bonn is the Artistic Director of Amherst Ballet and teaches dancers of all ages and at all levels.

Kaitlyn Moore

Kaitlyn Moore has been teaching and choreographing for over 15 years. She has spent time in Houston, TX dancing with Ad Deum Dance Company and in Worcester, MA dancing with Accendo Dance Company. While she no longer dances professionally, her passion to teach excellent technique and a love of dance has grown in the past decade. She has had choreography performed across New England, Texas, London, and Italy. She loves every style of dance and is broadly trained but ballet has a special place in her heart as it is the foundation for all other dance genres. 

East Asian Cultural Classes

This crash course on East Asian cultures is intended to familiarize students with various aspects of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cultures and societies and help them broaden their perspective. We will touch upon religions, social customs, food, languages, and martial arts. 


Reiko Sono is a Senior Lecturer II of Japanese and Japanese culture at UMass Amherst.

sample daily schedule

  9:15-9:25     Mindfulness Meditation
  9:30-10:30   Taekwondo
  10:40-11:45  East Asian Culture Class
  11:45-12:30  Lunch
  12:30-1:45   Dance/Capoeira
  1:50-2:50   Yoga
Drop off/Arrival: 9:00-9:10
Pick up/Departure: 2:50-3:00


 Monday, July 18 – Friday, July 22

eligibility and Fees

Ages 11+   *No previous experience required

Registration Fee: $50 (Due at the time of registration)
Tuition: $300 (Full payment due by July 1)

A limited number of scholarships are available.
In order to secure a spot for your student, you must register for your preferred session and pay the $50 registration fee and then submit your scholarship application. If the amount of aid we offer is not enough to make participation possible for your family and you cancel within two weeks of aid notification, we will refund your registration fee in full.

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Danza en Cuarentena

Sofia Klein Herrero

Ballet Dancer at Oper Wuppertal; Aalto-Musiktheater Essen; Deutsche Oper am Rhein

Music: “Musica nocturna de las Calles de Madrid” by Boccherini

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