The Social dis-Dance Project

isolated, together

Thank you to all who submitted your beautiful work.

You helped us build a better sense of the pandemic.

Social Dis-Dances from around the World

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Margot Parsons's Social Dis-Dance

Margot Parsons

"Touch Me Not"

Michelle Thompson Ulerich's Social Dis-Dance 1

Michelle Thompson Ulerich

Michelle Thompson Ulerich's Social Dis-Dance

Michelle Thompson Ulerich 2

Giovanni Lampitelli 1

Giovanni Lampitelli 1

Giovanni Lampitelli's Social Dis Dance 2

Giovanni Lampitelli 2

Shizu Yasuda's Social Dis-Dance

Shizu Yasuda

Betsy Boxberger Khalil

Betsy Boxberger Khalil

Cinzia Marrocco

Sofia Klein's Social Dis-Dance

Sofia Klein Herrero

Liam Fitzpatrick's Social Dis-Dance

Liam Fitzpatrick

Morgan Lemos's Social Dis-Dance

Morgan Lemos

Madeleine Bonn

Madeleine Bonn

"Pas de Toilet Paper"

Stephanie Shumway

Stephanie Shumway

"The Arts Will Continue"

Social Dis-Dances of Our Instructors

Social Dis-Dances of Our Student Dancers


Amilia and Elizabeth

Amilia and Elizabeth


Karyn's Social Dis-Dance


Caleb's Social Dis-Dance




Natalie's Social Dis-Dance




Milena's Social Dis-Dance


Becka's Social Dis-Dance


Elizabeth's Social Dis-Dance


Olivia's Social Dis-Dance





Julianne's Social Dis-Dance



Cara's Social Dis-Dance


    As the coronavirus pandemic disrupts our daily life and forces us into isolation, many of us are suffering not only from limited physical communal activities but also from mental stress and anxiety. In order to help our dancers to cope with this difficult situation, Amherst Ballet is launching the Social Dis-Dance Project.

    The Social Dis-Dance Project is a free program intended to provide Amherst Ballet and other dancers with a creative outlet, social connection, and feeling of unity and support. To participate in this project, fill out the entry form below and submit a video of no more than two minutes in length—shot at home, in a studio, or outside where no one is around—of an original dance solo (or duet). The theme of these short pieces of choreography can be: 1) the experience of the coronavirus pandemic; 2) the social distancing ordinance; or 3) the general circumstances and emotions this crisis has brought about. The submitted videos will be posted on our website after screening by the artistic director for appropriateness of content. The program includes the option of choreographic coaching and artistic mentorship by UMass professor Paul Dennis.

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