World Dance Workshop Series

This year, Amherst Ballet is hosting a World Dance Workshop series. In this series, students are exposed to dances from various places of the world in workshops led by local instructors. The purpose of these workshops is not only to help students hone their dancing skills by trying out different techniques, but also to promote understanding of different cultures through dance. In many societies, dance performances started out as offerings to gods and carry fundamental cultural significance. Thus, dance can be a powerful educational tool toward global cultural appreciation.

In order to provide the social context of the dance being taught, the workshop will be preceded by a short lecture by a five college professor on the culture that produced the dance. After the workshop, there will be a reception with cuisine from that culture.

These workshops will be free and open to anybody in the local community.

Indian Dance Workshop at Amherst Ballet

Indian Dance Workshop

The first workshop will feature Indian Dance.

Date and Time: Saturday, November 16   2:00-4:00 pm

Lecturer: Ranjanaa Devi

The founder of Nataraj Peforming Arts of India. She trained in several classical dance and theater styles under eminent Indian performers and teachers. Devi also founded and directed for 25 years the Asian Arts and Culture Program of Fine Arts Center, UMass.

Instructor: Monica Bhowmik

Bhowmik studied Indian Dance under Ranjanaa Devi. She has performed with the Nataraj Dancers in notable performances overseas as well as in schools, museums, and community locations.