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Amherst Ballet 29 Strong Street, Amherst

Join us for in-studio performances of student-created dances celebrating our diverse, creative community!

Level I

Amherst Ballet 29 Strong Street, Amherst

and begin practicing all traditional barre exercises. Dancers will gain an understanding of how to move rhythmically to a variety of musical tempi, and establish a foundation for advancing jumps and turns.



Amherst Ballet 29 Strong Street, Amherst

vious training required; Students will attain knowledge of all arm and foot positions (1st through 5th), and all directions of the body (i.e. Croisé, écarté). Dancers will be confident executing all traditional exercises at barre (i.e. plié through grands battements), as well as basic jumps, turns, and traveling steps in cen


Modern Dance

Amherst Ballet 29 Strong Street, Amherst

A class exploring the fundamentals and applications of classical modern technique. Moving through a codified class model, students will learn the individualized movement vocabulary of classical modern while honoring the ability to find freedom within discipline and individuality within uniformity. Previous training recommended.


Danza en Cuarentena

Sofia Klein Herrero

Ballet Dancer at Oper Wuppertal; Aalto-Musiktheater Essen; Deutsche Oper am Rhein

Music: “Musica nocturna de las Calles de Madrid” by Boccherini

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