Art in Motion

Painting by Will Brent Clem

For the first time in years, Amherst Ballet will host a summer intensive for young dancers, which will not only help students work on their technique, but also stimulate their creativity. Artistic Director, Madeleine Bonn will lead this artful workshop.

In this four-day summer intensive celebrating the relationship between art, music, and dance, students will have fun bringing their own artwork to life via music, ballet, choreography, and improvisation. Pointe/Pre-Pointe and other cross-training disciplines will also be incorporated.

Clicking the register button will take you to Dance Studio Pro Parent Portal site. If you are new to Amherst Ballet, please make an account as a parent first and add your dancer. After that, click on “Register for Classes.” In the next screen, click on “2021 Summer Workshops” tab and find “Art in Motion” in the list. 


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