Why take classes at Amherst Ballet?

Because you'll get top-quality dance instruction

As clarified in its mission statement, Amherst Ballet is committed to quality dance education and boasts star-studded faculty starting with Artistic Director, Madeleine Bonn, who served as a principal dancer for José Mateo Ballet Theatre for 14 years. Other faculty members include Junichi Fukuda, an internationally renowned dancer and choreographer, Stephanie Shumway, a sought-out dance instructor of Deerfield Academy, Iris Berkman, a seasoned instructor of creative dance, and Karen Michaels, a dancer/masseur who has developed an original introductory Ballet course for adults that is easy to follow and beneficial to the body. These instructors are full of knowledge and beautiful to look at, but more importantly, they are dedicated to nurturing each and every student’s skills and creativity in a safe and positive manner. Moreover, the curriculum has now been expanded to include Modern Dance (Martha Graham), Hip Hop, and Zumba®. Read the faculty bio or class descriptions.

Because you can dance in a safe and welcoming environment

True to its mission of building a diverse and inclusive community of dancers and dance enthusiasts, Amherst Ballet has been offering a friendly, communal environment to its students for years and many of its alumni consider the school as their second home. 

Even under the current situation with the pandemic still rampant in society, Amherst Ballet is able to provide its students with a place where they can dance and have fun with their friends safely. The school has taken various safety measures, including lowering the enrollment limits, frequent disinfection, temperature check at the door, and requiring everybody to wear a mask all the time. With these measures and two spacious studios in which keeping safe distance is easy, students can rest assured that their safety is not being compromised at Amherst Ballet. 

Those at a higher risk also have the option of taking classes remotely at home. Each studio is equipped with two cameras, enabling students to see what’s going on in the studio clearly. 

Because you'll be a part of the local art history

Amherst Ballet has existed in the town of Amherst for half a century. During that time, the school has collaborated on many occasions with local musicians, poets, writers, and other artists and produced original shows that contributed significantly to the art scene of Pioneer Valley including “Emily of Amherst” as shown left. Students have had meaningful experiences by participating in AB’s public performances throughout the history of the school.