Come See Our Spring Show!

Merry Pranks and Fairy Tales - Saturday, May 11th

Welcome to Amherst Ballet’s enchanting performance of Merry Pranks and Fairy Tales! Join us on Saturday, May 11th at Hopkins Academy for an evening filled with magical storytelling through the art of ballet. Our talented dancers will transport you to a world of whimsy, where fairy tales come to life and merry pranks unfold. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the beauty and grace of ballet in person. Get ready to be captivated by our dancers’ skill and artistry as they bring these classic tales to the stage. Reserve your seats using the link(s) below for a night of wonder and delight!

Why take classes at Amherst Ballet?

Because you'll get top-quality dance instruction

As clarified in its mission statement, Amherst Ballet is committed to quality dance education. Led by Artistic Director Mikayla Archambeau, our knowledgeable and well-experienced faculty all devote themselves to providing their students with high-level technical instruction and supportive care.

Because you can dance in a safe and welcoming environment

True to its mission of building a diverse and inclusive community of dancers and dance enthusiasts, Amherst Ballet has been offering a friendly, communal environment to its students for years and many of its alumni consider the school as their second home.

Because you'll be a part of the local art history

Amherst Ballet has existed in the town of Amherst for half a century. During that time, the school has collaborated on many occasions with local musicians, poets, writers, and other artists and produced original shows that contributed significantly to the art scene of Pioneer Valley including “Emily of Amherst” as shown left. Students have had meaningful experiences by participating in AB’s public performances throughout the history of the school. 

Danza en Cuarentena

Sofia Klein Herrero

Ballet Dancer at Oper Wuppertal; Aalto-Musiktheater Essen; Deutsche Oper am Rhein

Music: “Musica nocturna de las Calles de Madrid” by Boccherini

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