The School

The Lower School trains children aged 3 to 11 years old. Creative Movement is available for 3 and 4 year olds.


Progression through the Lower School continues with Pre-Ballet which is offered at two levels for children aged 5 – 7 who have acquired skills through Creative Movement and/or exhibit behavior and skills that would indicate their ability to handle more focused work; dancers in Pre-Ballet 1 are generally in kindergarten. Ballet 1 and 2 are offered once a week for children aged 8 and 9. Students in Ballet 3 through Ballet 5 train in a Vaganova-based syllabus and are required to attend two ballet classes per week. Amherst Ballet also offers a Contemporary Dance class once a week for dancers aged 8 to 11.

The Upper School is for experienced dancers aged 12 through 18. Dancers at the A Level take a minimum of 4.5 hours of class per week. Serious A Level dancers would take 7 hours per week including ballet technique, stretch, beginning pointe, and non-ballet electives. Dancers at the B Level take a minimum of 7 hours per week including ballet technique, pointe, and stretch, in addition to electives. Dancers at the C Level take a minimum of 9 hours per week. In addition to ballet technique, pointe, stretch, and non-ballet electives, Variations is also offered for dancers at the C Level, as is Pas de Deux some seasons. Non-ballet elective offerings vary from season to season.

Amherst Ballet offers three ballet classes especially for adults, two of them taught by director Sueann Townsend. Adult dancers are also welcome in Upper School classes with permission of the instructor provided that they possess the appropriate skill level and space is available.

Students who begin dance as a teenager or who transfer from a less rigorous program are welcome at Amherst Ballet. After assessment by the director, a custom course of classes will be assembled to facilitate the progress or meet the needs of the individual dancer.

Amherst Ballet is open year round. Open technique classes are offered during June, July and August for teens and adults and summer camps for those aged 6 through 11.

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